Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Ok, so I'm not normally the first person to try something. I normally like to see what the general consensus is before I dive in. Enter Swagbucks. As I've been reading blogs, I've been noticing people saying the same thing...Swagbucks is awesome.

Heres the deal...you create an account at Swagbucks and then any time you need to search the web, you log in and search the web using their Google powered search engine. As you search you are periodically rewarded with Swagbucks. You can then redeem those Swagbucks for merchandise and gifts cards. There are also several other ways to earn Swagbucks...such as shopping through their site. You will be awarded one Swagbuck for every $5 spent. Also, you can trade in cell phones and video games, invite your friends to join, comment on their blog and interact on their facebook page.

You can use the link to the right of this post to check it out. Let me know what you think!

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Elizabeth said...

okay, you got me. I'm signing up for Swagbucks!