Tuesday, March 3, 2009

CVS Savings

I had a great week at CVS this week. Mostly because I went on Sunday instead of waiting until the end of the week when all the good stuff was gone. Also because I've discovered that to really get the most benefit, you need to keep your tranactions small. Anytime I've ever tried to do one big transaction, it always backfires on me.
This week all of the products I wanted were in stock so I didn't have to try to adjust my transaction in my head. It went as follows:
Carnation Instant Breakfast - $4.99 - earns $4.99 ECB's
(2) Act Mouthwash - $1.98 - earns $1.98 in ECB's
Aveeno Shaving Cream - $4.99 - earns $2.00 ECB's used $2.00 off coupon here
Dawn Dish Liquid - $.97 - used $.50 off coupon from this Sunday's paper
Johnson's Buddies Soap - $1.19 - used $1.00 off coupon
CVS Vitamin D - $2.99 - earns $2.99 in ECB's
I used $12 in ECB's that I had earned from last week's transactions and paid a total of $2.10 out of pocket. For this transaction I earned $11.96 in ECB's.

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Elizabeth said...

Clearly I am going to have to get wise to some deals over at CVS!!! I am very impressed!