Saturday, October 11, 2008

How to Organize Those Coupons

For me, this has been the best way to organize my coupons. It puts everything where I can see it at a quick glance without having to thumb through them one by one. I purchased a cloth zipper binder and added baseball card holders to divide the coupons. You can find baseball card holders at Wal-Mart at the front of the store with the registers. I say this because if you don't know where to look then you'll never find them.
The card holders are organized based on how a typical grocery store is laid out. Produce, Condiments, Canned and Non Perishables, Household, Frozen, Meat, Dairy and Health & Beauty.
My zipper binder came with an accordion style file on the left and I use that to hold sales papers and the CVS Extra Care booklet for the month along with the Walgreens Easy Saver Catalog for the month. I'll post more on that later, I have a lot to say about those two gems!
Finally, I added ziploc bags labeled with my favorite store names on them. That way, when I'm making my shopping list, I can put the coupons for that store in the ziploc bag and when I get to the store I pull out the ziploc bag and I'm ready to go. I just poked two holes at the end of the ziploc bags and hooked them on the clasps.
So there you have it, the famous coupon binder! If you have any thoughts or questions, please post a comment or email me at

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Cherie said...

I have the exact same binder except mine is purple! :) I recently switched to the binder method too. My little filing box couldn't fit all my q's anymore!