Monday, October 20, 2008

$1.47 - Thats It!

I took advantage of the Pert/Sure deal at CVS this week. I also thought the toothpaste you see was a great deal as well. Here is the breakdown:
Colgate Max Fresh $1.65 minus $1.00 off of Colgate Max Fresh coupon - $.65
Pert Plus 2 in 1 3.99 minus $2.00 off Any size Pert coupon - $1.99
2 Sure Aerosol $4.49 each minus (2) $1.00 Sure Deo. - $6.98
Minus $10.27 in ECB's I had from last week's purchases
Total $1.47 Out of Pocket!
Additionally, I earned $5.00 ECB for the Pert/Sure and $2.00 ECB for the Colgate toothpaste. I thought the toothpaste was supposed to be $2.99 but it looks like I got lucky and it range up $1.65.

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Julie said...

Now that's some great frugal shopping!