Friday, April 24, 2009

Free Christian Music Downloads

One of my favorite sites to check out new Christian music is iTickets. Every Tuesday they offer a free download of a new Christian artist or a well known artist's new song. They promise one every week but usually there is two or sometimes three. I have discovered so many new artists this way such as Kari Jobe, Since October, Deluge, Dizmas, House of Heroes, Fiction Family, Starfield, I could go on and on. When you open the page, look to your lower left to see who the download of the week is. This week its Mercy Me and Future of Forestry. By the way, Future of Forestry has an awesome Euro-rock sound!

In addition to free music, you can stay up to date on Christian concerts and events that are going on in your area. You will have to create a log in with your email address and a password and then you'll be on your way to tons of positive, upbeat free music!


oicned said...

Good day!

I added your site to my EC drop list ->

Click on the “Wind Turbine” icon and it will open other EcoFriendly sites including yours.

Have a nice day!

Jim said...

Hey thanks for this precious Link!
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