Monday, April 6, 2009

Cheap Glade Candles at Walgreens

I'm a candle freak so naturally, I got pretty excited about this deal. This week at Walgreens, Glade Jar Candles are $2.99 each with a mail in rebate of $1 each. So I worked out this little scenario:

Buy 4 Glade Jar Candles @ $2.99
Print two $1.50 / 2 Glade Candles here
Submit receipt online here for $4.00 rebate

Total price = $4.96 final price for 4 Glade Candles...and in case you wanted to know, I'll be getting the Crisp Linen scent. Don't forget to have your rebate added to a gift card and they'll add an extra 10% which would give you a rebate of $4.40.

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