Wednesday, January 28, 2009


While cruising through the blogosphere today, I came across the most awesomest digital scrapbooking site. (yes, you can use my new word!) I read about it on Trina's blog Fabulously Frugalicious. I'm a big time scrapbooker but I haven't gotten into digital scrapbooking. Mainly because of my fascination with cutting paper.

The site is called Scrapblog and they have pre-made layouts that you can upload your photos to or you can start from scratch. From that point, you have several can save it as a .jpg on your computer or you can upload it to a photo printing site. You can also make digital scrapbooks and have Scrapblog print them for you.

I made the picture you see here in about 10 minutes and it was the first time I had been to the site. Thats my Mr. Hoover and one of his many friends. Mr. Hoover is half dachshund, half love!

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Trina said...

Love it! It turned out way cute! :)